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reading ur old writing

i dont know which facial expression in most accurate 


There’s a fine line between a numerator and a denominator.

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today is 10th anniversary of yume nikki and despite my right hand being a bit of injured, I could not miss this day!

this looks very simple, because I redrew the first ever picture I did for this game and it was 2 years ago, but hey I played yume nikki back in the 2008, so I have known it for a longer time than anything else and surely it is still one of my top favourite games!

and also… we need more happy madotsuki, this kid deserves it

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Glad to see things worked out well. Also I loved the Frozen burn, tho I feel the razzle dazzle was more to distract people from the story itself than the animation.

Either way, the razzledazzle was there to distract from the overall poor quality of Frozen if you ask me. Ah well.




A simple diagram to help understand neurotransmitters and their functions in our bodies. 

As someone who is really obsessed with the anatomy and physiology of the human body, I think this is very important that I reblog this so our followers can see just what’s (ideally) going on with their endocrine system when they happen to be holders of one of these chemical (im)balances.



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This hysteria around drugs needs to stop

…it’s not even drugs! IT’S A FUCKING INHALER!
you can’t get high off of a steroid!


But the doses in an inhaler would not be enough to get someone high unless they huff the entire thing in minutes.

And the family should sue the school; it’s ILLEGAL to deny someone their medication and the school had no right to prevent this poor child from having his inhaler.

(It’s one thing to have certain medications kept in the nurse’s office during school hours, but only if they are considered restricted meds AND would not be likely to be needed in a medical emergency; insulin doses come to mind, if in shot form)


Oh hey. I had this same problem with my elementary school. They kept my inhaler in a safe and the nurse was so fucking irresponsible that she was hardly ever there and the office staff was never friendly.

I hated keeping my inhaler in a safe. If I’m having an asthma attack or a problem breathing what the fuck makes you think I’m gonna be able to make it to the nurses office to get my inhaler (since they didn’t like to bring it to you). Like seriously, I need it right then and there.

Gods, I am SO glad that their stupidity didn’t kill you, holy shit.

This is what I meant though. Inhalers should be considered emergency medical devices and if they really don’t want the kid to have it on them, then at least make sure it’s in the same room, in the teacher’s desk or something, and allow the child to carry it between classes/to and from lunch/on the playground.


My dad has asthma and keeps his inhalers in his room. Since I was little, I was told that if my mum was out and he had an attack I had to go and get them straight away because he needs them as soon as he can get them.

Once a kid at school sprayed his deodorant in a lesson and a girl had an asthma attack so bad she was almost hospitalised. I dread to think of what would happen if the school was stupid enough to keep her inhaler in the medical office as they’re so unorganised down there and the classroom where this happened was the other side of the school.

Asthma is serious and needs to be treated as such.

~ Mulan

My mother is asthmatic as well, so it’s something I learned about early on.

Also, as a child, I had pretty bad asthma; technically I still have it but it’s gotten better as I’ve gotten older and I don’t need an inhaler anymore.


Wow, the fact that this school failed to provide the basic needs of their own students for survival reasons is sad. Hell, the school should be sued for failing to provide basic needs for fuck’s sake~

~Mod Mephisto Pheles