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QuestionI really liked Indigo Sollux in Don't Name It, but my bloodswap headcanon for him is azure. Anyways, back to Indigo Sollux. I really like how Nepeta could possibly be flushed for him and he doesn't even know. But, is there possibly a reason he's deaf? Like how Terezi in the non-fan series has a reason to be blind and non-fan Gamzee has a reason to go insane. And what happens in the Bad Ending where he wins the fight? And if you continued the story, would Nep ever confess her love for Sollux? Answer

Hey there!

Indigo Sollux is deaf because babies on meteors going at high speeds towards the ground would proooobably suffer SOME form of injury. I just decided that his injury would be deafness from having blown-out eardrums.

In the bad ending where he wins the fight against who? I think you might be talking about the three-way fight between Sollux, Aradia, and Vriska. If he won that fight, then things would probably end up going right for Equius and his posse but not for anyone else.

And yes, if I had continued the story, Nepeta would have confessed. Thanks for asking! :)

And I honestly feel really good about it because it means that I made something that a lot of people read and loved. I know I got some critiques on it, and I know that it’s long gone by now, but it was fun while it lasted and I honestly feel glad that I did it.

I don’t really know how to explain it but to read through what I wrote and to understand that people actually really liked it just fills me up with butterflies and I feel amazing for making something that people like and asdfhawruhgaelkrjgha ALL THE HAPPY.

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Questionomg, okay, you are from united states?? adsfkdglj i'm chilean really i love Don't Name It gamzee looks so cute! ;w; You made ​​it up? or just wrote it? say, the pictures are beautiful and I read all the comic Answer

Oh, you’re Chilean? I’m from Chile too! I have lived in the United States since I was 3. I wrote and drew Don’t Name It for as long as it lasted.

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QuestionHow are you so awesome at drawing? I read your mspfanventure and it is amazing, it made me want to kiss you then punch you in the face. Answer

The trick is to draw every day with the express purpose to improve. It doesn’t even have to be something really big, like in anatomy or something. You could practice something like line weight, or accurate inking. Maybe you could even focus on getting eyes to look right on a human face. Just fill a whole sketchbook with something you don’t think you’re that good at! You might surprise yourself.

Sorry about DNI, by the way. I’m glad I took on that project though, cause if I didn’t I wouldn’t be nearly as good as I am at lineless art.

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Questionum, i'm sorry to disturb, but i read your fan adventure, Don't name it and it says that you discontinued, which is sad :( but i respect your choice. But can you tell me what happened next? If you want, no pressure if you don't want to though, thanks you :) Answer

It’s perfectly fine! I’ll try to tell you everything that happened as far as I can remember.

Broad Daylight was going to be about the Midday Crew, and how they affected the Kids Session. John would discover the Midday Crew while asleep, and would use them to help further his Diabolical Plan (tm) he had for Derse and the war on Skaia. The Midday Crew would helm the Prospit Ship and be annoyed by Dave constantly, until eventually they land in Troll Skaia and meet the Midnight Crew. From what I can remember, Jack Noir did something really mean to Jinjur Cheren, and because of that the reckoning began early when John was trying to PREVENT it. Eventually there would have been an epic fight between the Midday Crew and the Midnight Crew, until Aradia got mixed into everything and went God Tier as a result.

His Highness, the Black King was going to center on John’s Diabolical Plot (tm) where he would use his status as Prince of Derse to convince the Black King to not engage in the reckoning, which included a threat of battle. He would fight against the Black King and he would have either convinced him to back down or kill him outright. As a result, he would become the new Black King of Derse, and everyone would have to follow his orders, leading to him getting the ULTIMATE REWARD without having to engage the Reckoning, and sparing the planet Earth.

I want to be a First Guardian too, yaknow was going to be Dave Harley’s character arc. Having been raised by a giant bird and a kooky martian his whole life, he would be convinced that he himself would one day gain First Guardian powers. He dresses in pure white and green in order to emulate them, as white and green are the colors of Guardians. He would do all sorts of things relating to guarding and such, and would be the most chivalrous and heroic of all the Kids. Eventually he would achieve God Tier as the Knave of Space, granting him the powers of a First Guardian, and declaring himself the Guardian of the Planet My Friends.

The Princess and the Pauper was about Jade and Rose. Because of Rose’s Cinderella-like story arc, she would have been convinced that marrying a prince would get her out of her predicament. Since she had no interest in Dave, the only one she could go to was Jade. Jade would decline to marry her, instead opting for a more awesome route. Jade would use the Robots of her Land of Frost and Robots (I think that’s what it was called?) as a Secret Army to confront the Black Queen and either destroy her or convince her to treat Rose like the princess she was meant to be. Rose would then become the new Black Queen, and she would probably also go God Tier just for good measure. Jade would then continue on with her life and have fun and probably also get God Tier too, I don’t remember that clearly.

Who Framed Tavros Nitram? was going to be an explanation for why Tavros was so feared by everybody and also describe in detail what happened with Feferi. Tavros did not ever, in fact, destroy any property, kill anyone’s lusus, or any of the things he was said to have done. It was all Equius who did that, with the assistance of Sollux and Nepeta. He would also be the one who would force a symbiotic relationship upon Feferi with Delilah, brainwashing her into being perpetually happy and making her do things that she wouldn’t normally do for the sake of Equius’ plans. When she was no longer of use, Sollux would have probably killed her and stuffed her in a box. Discovering all of this is what drives Tavros to attack Equius and try to make him pay for what he has done, most likely leading to his death. Or God Tiers. Whichever.

Karkat’s Moving Castle was Karkat’s character arc. Since he squished his gamegrub before entry and made it all glitchy, he would eventually be swallowed by Missingno. His death would utterly shatter Aradia’s waking self, turning her into a lifeless husk similar to when she was dead in canon. Her zombie like state would make her fail in her duties as ambassador of her Land, and because of that (and the influence of Equius) the other Lands would declare war on hers. It would only be until Karkat came back as God Tier through Contrived Coincidences that everything would be back to normal, and the Prince of Heart would have done some pretty epic stuff I think. Then Karkat and Aradia would reunite and hug and everything would start to look up for them.

Daddy Droog was about Diamonds Droog and how he would slowly shift from his initial persona to a more fatherly one, until eventually he would be working alongside all the trolls to further the goals of THEM rather than the goals of the Midnight Crew. This would peeve Jack Noir off to no end, but then the Midday Crew would show up and Broad Daylight happens, essentially only leaving Droog around to do anything of importance. He would probably also help them plan a way to take down Equius.

The Boy in White would be Equius’ character arc. It would be here that all the questions would be answered. Equius was the one who burned down Eridan’s village and killed his lusus, broke Feferi’s hive and killed her lusus, smooshed Sollux’s and Nepeta’s hives together, destroyed the door to the Ultimate Reward in the Kid’s Session (causing them to have to fly all the way to THEIR session instead. So he could kill them), and so on and so forth until he is painted as the worst thing in the universe. Then Equius would use his First Guardian Powers to begin to destroy everything.

Sepulchritude would be the arc between Eridan, Vriska, and Problem Sleuth. The Personality Scanner that we got a short glimpse of would have been Eridan’s closest Prospitian friend if he hadn’t been commanded to die. I’m kind of foggy on the details, but I remember Problem Sleuth would have led Vriska and Eridan to engage in God Tier, and he himself would have engaged in Sepulchritude, and in the midst of all of this, while all the Lands are being destroyed by Equius, all the people who hadn’t reached God Tier would would reach it during this time. The Kids would also fight alongside them, two God Tiers + The Black King and Queen + two First Guardians and also Droog is there too. I think Nepeta and Sollux would also turn against Equius at this point.

The End would be solely dedicated to the final battle against Equius. It would have been amazing. And once it was all done, they would go through the door to the Ultimate Reward and probably never look back.

I hope this answers your question, sorry I was so long winded about it.