There’s this really tiny old lady who just asked me to help her make meat buns and the image of Sonic the Werehog (or as I call him, Snuggles McPuffnFluff) helping a tiny old lady make food was ADORABLE.

ksdfdsfk I had to do this

I’ll finish it tomorrow or someday eventually maybe


Faceplants seem to be a recurring theme Sonic, you should sort that out.


Faceplants seem to be a recurring theme Sonic, you should sort that out.


(defense provided by janedoodles.tumblr.com)

I love this giant fluffy puffball to death. I always felt he was a really cool idea and made way for some really nice development for Sonic. There were lots of theories as to how Sonic would have changed into him in the months leading up to the game, and the actual story was actually pretty nice. Just because he’s a werewolf hedgehog doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, it’s basically the same thing as Bruce Banner turning into The Hulk only he gets to keep his consciousness.

How does he not fit into a Sonic game, by the way? The entire point of Sonic the Hedgehog was to be the cooler alternative of Mario. Mario had the jumping and the turtles, while Sonic had the running and the robots. Green Hill Zone is nothing but rollercoaster loop-de-loops, and high speed robot smashing. The Chemical Plant Zone was an enormous nuclear power plant with deadly pink water. Angel Island was an Island IN THE SKY. I can understand how the Werehog might not fit into the game if you don’t think werewolves are cool, but there are quite a lot of young children who do think that werewolves are cool.

Also, because he’s too slow? Really? If a fan is willing to play as Knuckles, Rouge, Tails, and Eggman in Sonic Adventure 2, then why aren’t you willing to play as Sonic the Werehog? He’s not a clone of the Power type characters, by the way. Power characters had lots of projectile “weapons” to throw at people, and could float upwards from fans on the ground in Sonic Heroes. Never once did a Power type character scale a wall ledge, or climb up a pole without the aid of a speed type character, or have anywhere near the same amount of puzzle cracking to do in Unleashed.

I cannot say anything about whether or not the Werehog is a God of War clone or not, but I must say that the dislike of him is unwarranted. I would also like to mention that I am glad that the Wii version of the game takes advantage of the motion sensors in the Wii remote, because actually smashing up monsters is much more fun than mashing buttons in succession.